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A Donation to Dignity

A Donation to Dignity

Fashion comes to our Dignity Team all thanks to a £1000 donation from the Friends.

Angela Wade (Research/ Development and Dignity Lead) has been able to buy much needed clothing for our patients who find themselves in hospital either as an emergency or who may not have family or friends to bring items in for them.

Angela Said:
“The Dignity Project team helps provide that extra dignity for people who do not have suitable attire while staying here at Bromfield Hospital, and we are immensely grateful to the Friends at Broomfield Hospital for supporting this important initiative”

Friends volunteers Sandra and Laura joined Angela, Audrey Judd (domestic team leader) and Leanne Lawrence (hotel services administrator) recently to see the wonderful selection of clothes they have purchased, and to learn how the items are distributed around the hospital to those in need.

Our Charity at Broomfield is forever grateful for the continuing support we receive for their continuing support we receive from the Friends and their volunteers.

“The Friends – Supporting your hospital, supporting you”