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Volunteer Marion Lee of the Friends at Broomfield experiencing the Northern Lights courtesy of the new VR headset which has been donated by the Friends to the Broomfield Anaesthetic Department. Awaiting their turn are Chairperson Alison Douglas and volunteer Alison Bridge.


The headset which cost £2,445 was presented to Alon Kramer from the Anaesthetics Team who explained how it is used … it acts as a distraction, mainly to calm young patients or nervous adults, when they are undergoing procedures or about to receive an anaesthetic. It has been a big hit with both staff and patients alike, and has been a hugely beneficial piece of equipment for the department.


Anaesthetist, Dr. Alon Kramer said: “We are exceptionally grateful for the funding provided to us by the Friends at Broomfield.

“The Friends – Supporting your hospital, supporting you”