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We have 4 wards specifically relating to ‘care of the elderly’ at Broomfield Hospital. The Friends are pleased to have committed to funding toiletries for each of these wards throughout 2024. We have already delivered the first 2 months … which have been gratefully received by staff and patients.

Each month’s supply contains a large range of branded toiletries (ladies & gents), which we sincerely hope will make a difference to our patients’ hospital experience. Just the smell of some familiar toiletries that may remind them of home may make their day more comfortable.


Primarily these toiletries are to support patients that come into hospital with no toiletries of their own … they may be care home residents or simply have no family … many of them will be dementia patients who aren’t able to fend for themselves … or … it could simply be a patient who has forgotten one item in their own toilet bag, which we are happy to provide, to enhance their stay.


We are always keen to support our patients and nursing staff, so hopefully this will put a smile on some patients’ faces and be beneficial to their wellbeing. Our grateful thanks to the Housekeeping staff who are managing this stock within the wards and making sure it is being distributed to those patients that are in need.

The Friends donation for the full year will total approximately £6,400.

“The Friends – Supporting your hospital, supporting you”