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The Friends are pleased to have provided funding of £4,344 for two more tilt chairs for Therapy Services.

We asked Louise Panella, Lead Therapist, her opinion … she said … 

“The 2 adjustable Milano chairs gifted by the Friends at Broomfield Hospital in March 2023 are being used throughout the hospital under the care of Therapy Services. The provision of the 2 additional ‘pink’ Tilt Chairs has been amazing and well received by the therapy staff, patients and wards alike.

Not only do these chairs provide the initial stepping stones in supporting patients’ recovery and transitioning them from being in bed to sitting out, but they also allow patients to work on functional and daily activities that we take for granted.  This may be engaging with meals or socialising with visitors. 

It also empowers the Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to facilitate this journey by having the necessary tools at hand. Some patients have additional seating positional needs that are not met by the standard static high back armchair nor the recliner chairs typically found on the wards.  If they were sat out in such chairs they would be at a very high risk of falling.

As such this patient group are typically left in bed for prolonged periods of time which exacerbates their functional decline and increases the challenges to both patient and staff to support recovery. They are vulnerable to being dependent on others, having periods of low mood, and a loss of sense of self and motivation.“


As you can see, just a ‘chair’ can make such a difference to patient recovery. This is a particularly special donation by the Friends … as the pink chairs are in memory of our longest serving Friend … Barbara Coupe. She was a ray of sunshine and loved everything pink!

“The Friends – Supporting your hospital, supporting you”