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The Friends at Broomfield have donated a magnificent £50,000 to the robotic surgery appeal.

The Friends, who run two shops at the hospital, made a special visit to Theatres to present a cheque and have a demonstration of the Da Vinci robot from surgeon Sri Kadirkamanathan. Some of the ladies even had a go at operating the robot themselves.

The Friends’ Janet Warn said: “When you see the robot, it really makes you appreciate what fundraising can do. It was great to get hands-on. We are all volunteers in the shops and on the trolleys and all enjoy working here. It makes me want to work a few more hours now!”

Fellow volunteer Carol Hansel also got to experience the machine in action: “Using the robot was very therapeutic, like the consultant told us it would be. It was amazing how dextrous you could be.”

Surgeon Sri Kadirkamanathan said: “I’m absolutely delighted. We need a lot of funding for the robot and I’m really stunned and very grateful for the Friends’ support.”

Charlotte Jefcoate, fundraising coordinator at Mid Essex Hospitals Charity, was thrilled with the Friends’ contribution:

“The Friends are such an asset to the hospital. Their shops are fantastic value for money and you’re always greeted with a smile. We’d encourage all staff to use the Friends’ shops as much as possible because it all benefits the hospital. So if you need a drink or snack, make sure you pop in and say hello to the Friends.”

The robot has four arms attached to a freestanding cart. One arm holds a camera (the laparoscope) and the surgeon operates the “hands” on the other three arms by inserting his or her fingers into rings and using foot controls.

A very small 3D camera and dime-sized surgical instruments are placed inside the patient through tiny incisions. The camera gives the surgeon a magnified 360 degree view of the operative field. Using the console’s hand and foot controls, the surgeon remotely moves robotic arms attached to surgical instruments.

With smaller incisions and better precision, the patient experiences less pain during and after surgery. You’ll also be less dependent on painkillers during recovery. Blood loss during robotic surgery is minimal and you generally avoid the need for blood transfusions.

“The Friends – Supporting your hospital, supporting you”