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FAB volunteers see how their donations make a difference!

Volunteers from the Friends at Broomfield recently had the opportunity to see how their latest significant donation is improving patient care by testing the new Videofluoroscopy chair, purchased by the Speech and Language team.

The specialist chair is used when a patient has difficulty swallowing and requires an x-ray to accurately diagnose the problem. The team can then start the correct therapy to make swallowing easier and safer. This test is useful for a wide range of patients, including those who have had a stroke or following surgery, and means many patients won’t need to be nil-by-mouth for extended periods of time.

Karen Blackmore, Speech & Language Therapist, explained the benefits of the new chair, saying: “Good nutrition is essential to aid in the recovery of patients as well as to maintain independence and dignity, so it is important that patients with difficulty swallowing are treated quickly and appropriately. The new videofluoroscopy chair is portable and adjustable, which makes it easy for the staff to transport patients and accurately position them before the x-ray. As I’m sure the Friends will agree, it’s also extremely comfortable which is far better for our patients as the test can take up to half an hour. We’d all like to thank the Friends for making it possible for us to purchase this chair, and greatly improve the service we can offer our patients.”

Pictured above: Volunteers from the Friends at Broomfield are shown the new chair by the Speech and Language team while Yvonne Carter, Charities Support Officer, tests it for comfort

“The Friends – Supporting your hospital, supporting you”