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We are pleased to have donated £13,800 to the Manual Handling team which has funded 2 Hoverjacks. It was exciting for members of the Friends to meet with Manual Handling Advisors Bernadette & Scott and Falls Improvement Specialist Practitioner, Carrie for a demonstration!


The Hoverjack, they explained, is used to retrieve a patient from a fall… by easily sliding the fabric ‘bag’ beneath the patient. Once in place (and with staff reassuring the patient) warm air gently inflates the ‘bag’ and comfortably elevates the patient from the ground… distributing their weight accordingly and providing the correct spinal support.

Staff are in control of how much inflation is required etc. The ‘bag’ which has now become a type of mattress… sits on 4 inflated chambers of air which then raises the ‘mattress’ to bed/trolley height… allowing comfortable transfer from Hoverjack to bed/trolley.

Carrie said… “the Hoverjack acts just like a Hovercraft and can be used in all sorts of situations.” They are lightweight and portable and we can see why they are so pleased with them!

“The Friends – Supporting your hospital, supporting you”